Yoga Nidra Sessions


Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation technique that is practiced lying down in a comfortable ‘Yoga Nidra Nest.’ The different stages of the practice move the practitioner into a state between wakefulness and sleep, allowing the body to rest and rejuvenate. The benefits of a regular Yoga Nidra practice are significant for people experiencing anxiety, depression, and trouble sleeping. 

A personalized Yoga Nidra session is incredibly supportive of releasing trauma and making life adjustments. The practice contains a series of relaxation techniques, including breathwork, visualization, and a body scan, to help navigate the complex tapestry of emotions and feelings accompanying the healing process and create a profoundly restorative experience. 

You will receive a survey in preparation for the custom practice and a Zoom recording as a resource for your personal practice allowing you to revisit your meditation at your convenience.

A comfortable place to lie down on, a pillow, blanket, an eye mask, and earphones are supportive items for a Yoga Nidra practice.


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