Not Enough…

by | Aug 31, 2023 | Let's Talk about Trauma | 0 comments

Not enough… Have you ever heard the phrase “not enough” or “not good enough?” Perhaps it was a friend sharing over coffee, or maybe it was an uncomfortable feeling in your body accompanied by an inner voice telling you that you don’t belong or aren’t good enough. This voice can manifest in various ways, such as when trying a new gym, cooking a new recipe, contemplating a career change, or pursuing your soul’s purpose instead of taking a responsible job with a big salary. There are many examples where this feeling can arise in your mind, body, or heart. The question is, is it true? The answer is often no, even though it feels very real. This feeling may stem from a memory of not being good at something in the past, which has become ingrained in your psyche and activated in the present as a trauma response. The trauma may have happened a long time ago, but the memory is kept alive every time the trauma response surfaces.

The next time this happens, acknowledge the sensation, feeling, or voice and speak to it out loud. Thank it for reminding you, but also let it know that it is old news. Confidently tell yourself that you’ve got this and that it’s time to release this old feeling to make room for enjoying something new. Take a few deep breaths and continue on your brave journey, one step at a time. Give it a shot because you’ve got this!


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