Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

by | Jul 6, 2023 | Let's Talk about Trauma | 0 comments

Yoga Nidra and Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

I lost my beloved pet this week. Winston came into my life as a little kitten, rescued with his two brothers from underneath bleachers at a soccer field. He was the good-spirited leader of the three musketeers. Curious and alert and always up for more food and preferably treats. We have been through a lot together over the last seven years. New starts and painful goodbyes were some of the experiences we shared. When he suddenly became sick, so many emotions surfaced for me, and memories became activated beneath the deep sadness I experienced facing the loss of this sweet boy. Having done many years of trauma acknowledgment and healing, I was thankful to be able to differentiate the thoughts and emotions that brought me back to the past and release them (with many deep breaths in meditation and big tears) to be present for the process of Winston’s transition. A wonderful woman specializing in supporting pets’ last farewell came to my home to guide me through the final moments with Winston. I couldn’t be more grateful for those memories and the gift of being present during an incredibly stressful time that could have created much trauma. Feeling the feelings and embracing them with tenderness builds a place of love and strength in our hearts that will continue to guide us through difficult times.


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