Professional Birth Chart Reading

professional birth chart reading

Are you intrigued by Astrology or are you interested in discovering insights from your birth chart? A birth chart, or natal chart, is a blueprint that reflects the position of the planets at the exact time and location of your birth. A reading offers you the opportunity to connect with well-identified characteristics as well as surprise you with an explanation of why you prefer certain things to be a certain way.

Exploring your own nature on a deeper level will cultivate awareness, helping you to establish a stronger connection with yourself, your needs and your desires. This self-awareness has the ability to positively impact your relationships, making it easier to affect change in your life that supports your authentic self. 

A reading is a powerful tool that offers intimate knowledge about your preferences, likes and dislikes, and how you show up in the world. It can initiate a transformative journey in the recognition and healing of past traumas and the identification of triggered trauma responses.

You will be introduced to the signs, houses and planets depicted on your chart and what they represent. We will delve into your Sun, Moon, and Rising – known as the “big three” in the science of the cosmos. The Sun represents your personality, the Moon represents your emotions and subconscious, and your Rising sign provides insights into your potential and brightest self.

If trauma healing is your focus, a personalized meditation practice in the form of a Yoga Nidra can help you heal identified trauma activations. The body scan in the practice is an important part of identifying where the energy is stored that is responsible for engaging with old stories.

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