About Me


For over 25 years, Tina has dedicated herself to the practice of self-improvement, yoga, and meditation. 

Throughout that time, with the guidance of an array of therapists, mentors, and practitioners, she developed a practice that has allowed her to understand and mitigate the impact and triggers caused by trauma. Her own journey to heal her trauma has demonstrated how effective a daily meditation practice is and allowed her a unique vantage point to recognize and help to guide others’ healing. 

Tina’s inquisitive nature and interest in self-exploration has also taught her to embrace the profound insights of astrology. The teachings of which she incorporates alongside the many learnings accumulated throughout her unconventional life. 

Tina’s approach is shaped in part by the teachers who have graced her path; their presence, always timely and unwavering. Today, she extends her wisdom to others, offering support on their expedition of self-awareness and recovery, understanding each individual’s journey is inherently unique, and the burdens they bear distinct. The tools we accumulate along the way become precious resources worthy of sharing.

Originally from the Netherlands, Tina resides in the Bay Area of California.

Tina is currently training with Dr. Judith A. Swack, Ph.D. @ HBLU

Experience exceptional wellbeing through self discovery